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Nanjing Yuwei was founded in 2008. At the beginning of its establishment, the company is based on the special plastic industry, and engaged in the provision of the processing and production of high-end materials and spare parts. After nearly 16 years of operation and deposition, the company has developed into a professional company dedicated to the extrusion and product processing of PEEK, PI, PPS and other special engineering plastic profiles.
Nanjing Yuwei is a new technology-based innovative enterprise

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Production experience

15 years dedication to PEEK (Poly Ether Ether Ketone) from R&D, production to PEEK application development for more new products & new industries.    

R&D innovation

With technology research and development as the core development direction, in the past 10 years, it has provided 10000+enterprises in different industries with integrated solutions for research, development, design, production and sales of engineering plastic finished parts and semi-finished profiles.    


After years of experience, the company has owned thousands of injection molds and compression molds, which is convenient for customers to select products and produce and process them.    

Our products
Focus on the R&D, design, production and composite modification of special engineering plastics such as PEEK, PI, PPS and PEI. Promote the application of PEEK, PI and other special engineering plastic products in various industries.
PEEK profile
Continuous extrusion molding of PEEK bars, plates, sheets and pipes
PEEK parts
Customized processing of PEEK parts with drawings and samples
Other engineering plastics
Our company also provides other special engineering plastic profiles and products with heat resistance up to 200 ℃
PEEK Solutions
PEEK has many advantages, so it is widely used in petrochemical industry, electronic and electrical industry, instrumentation, mechanical automobile, Medical and health care, aerospace, military nuclear energy and many other fields have been widely used.
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Our services
To provide you with more product solutions, we can provide customized services in the whole process of design, material selection and modification, mold manufacturing, injection molding, machining, etc. according to different needs of customers.
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PEEK has the heat resistance and chemical stability of thermosetting plastics and the molding processability of thermoplastics. The long-term use temperature of PEEK is about 260-280 ℃, the short-term use temperature can reach 330 ℃, and the high pressure resistance can reach 30MPa. PEEK is a good material for high temperature sealing rings.

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