PPS products

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) exhibits excellent comprehensive properties in chemical and high temperature environments, including wear resistance, high load capacity and dimensional stability. In addition, the PPS profiles with good compactness, good hardness and excellent chemical corrosion resistance is widely used in a variety of industrial equipment, such as industrial drying and food processing ovens, chemical equipment, mechanical bearings and electrical insulation systems. PPS profiles can be used for a long time at 220℃, and there is no solvent that can dissolve PPS at 200℃, so PPS is quite good even at high temperature for inorganic acid, alkali, salt and other corrosion resistance. Without the addition of flame retardant, PPS in the UL94 combustion test for V-0/5V is the highest grade.

Performance Table


ProjectUnits Test data
Water absorption:
Soak in water at 23℃ for 24 hours%0.01/0.030.26/0.540.21/-
In 23℃/50%RH air%0.030.751.90.20.6
Soak in water at 23℃0.091.353.50.82
Thermal performance:
Melting point280NANANANA
Thermal conductivity at 23℃W/(K.m)
Coefficient of thermal expansion of cable:
Average value between 23-100℃m/(m.k)50×10-645×10-625×10-656×10-655×10-6
Average value between 23-150℃m/(m.k)60×10-645×10-625×10-6
Average value above 150℃m/(m.k)80×10-645×10-625×10-6
Maximum allowable working temperature in air:
Short time260200270180220
Continuous: At least 20,000220170250160190
Combustibility: “Oxygen index
According to UL94(1.5/3mm thick)%474744 V0V0
Mechanical properties at 23℃:
Applied experiment:
Bending tensile stress/breaking tensile stressMPa/75105/-/808090
Tensile stress at break51056.550
Tensile modulus of elasticityMPa37003400580026002700
Compression experiment:
Compressive stress at 1% normal strainMPa2825312220
Compressive stress at 2% normal strainMPa554958